Automatic Transmissions

Keeping Your Industry Moving

Bus Series

Allison Transmissions Bus Series transmissions keep your business on schedule through enhanced vehicle performance and passenger comfort. You need your bus operating at peak performance every day and with Allison Transmissions’ monitoring and operating parameters the guesswork is removed. Allison’s systems offer advanced visibility into the operation of your bus and alert you when specific maintenance is required. Perfect for city and transit buses, Allison Transmissions offer enhanced start/stop ability and fuel economy, optimizing the stop and go nature of the bus industry.


Passenger Comfort


Gear Shifting


Transmission Alerts


Driving Control System


Fuel And Reduce Emissions

Models & Specifications

Models Ratio Max Input Power Max Input Torque Max GVW
B 210 Transit Close Ratio 230 520 29,000
B 220 Transit Close Ratio 230 520 29,000
B 300 Transit Close Ratio 280 735 38,000
B 400 Transit Close Ratio 300 925 45,000
B 400 Tour Coach Close Ratio 330 1,000 45,000
B 500 Transit Close Ratio 420 1,300
B500 Intercity Coach Close Ratio 340 1,700