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Allison Acquisition Propels Company Into Electric Hybrid Market

The parent company of Allison Transmissions recently made some eye-catching industry news when it announced it was jumping into the electric hybrid market with the acquisition of critical technology.

Allison has purchased the electric vehicle systems divisions from Vantage Power and AxleTech. The move will allow Allison to leverage and extend current electric hybrid technology, develop new electrified propulsion solutions and expand system and integration capabilities in alternative propulsion.

“This deal is really exciting for us, but more importantly signals to our customers that Allison is serious about this technology and that they can expect to see benefits to their business in the future,” said Ted Ostyre, director of operations for our Allison operations.

Vantage Power’s Business

Vantage Power, which is based in London, designs and manufactures vehicle electrification and connectivity technologies for commercial vehicles. The company has designed integrated solutions for hybrid and electric propulsion systems, battery systems, control systems and telemetry data systems.

Vantage Power’s technology complements Allison’s expertise in integrating battery and vehicle controls systems, and vehicle telematics.

AxleTech’s Expertise

AxleTech designs and manufactures integrated electrified-axle propulsion solutions for medium- and heavy-duty trucks and buses. AxleTech’s electric solution can fit between the wheels and is capable of being adopted by a broad customer base.

AxleTech has also designed an integrated electric motor, multi-speed gearbox, proprietary oil cooling and pump that provides one of the industry’s top performing and efficient systems.

Great Fit

The merger extends Allison’s position as a leader in propulsion systems for medium – and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. It also augments Allison’s portfolio of products to provide a full range of propulsion systems.

We’re excited about this deal and what it offers for our customers. We’ve been closely following the development of products to ensure we’re ready to support both our dealers and customers.