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If you take a ride on a new Washington State Ferry, it’s likely your vessel’s onboard power is provided by three Volvo Penta generators from Pacific Power Group. Volvo Penta diesel generators have been selected to power two new ferries for the Washington State fleet, including the Chimacum, which was recently delivered, and the Suquamish, currently under construction.

About the Project

Transporting nearly 24 million visitors and residents between 20 different ports each year, the Washington State Ferry (WSF) fleet is trusted as the primary water transport for the Puget Sound
area – from Port Defiance all the way to Vancouver Island in Canada. Seven of 22 current vessels are between 40 and 60 years old and are approaching the end of their service lives. The new Washington State vessels are the Olympic class 144-car ferries, two of which are already in service. Vigor Industrial was contracted to build the new ferries, with PPG providing the crucial onboard power.


Project Timing

The Chimacum will be replacing an older vessel on the Seattle/Bremerton route in late spring 2017. The Suquamish is slated to arrive to WSF in Fall 2018. Two additional ferries built by Vigor have already joined the WSF fleet: the Tokitae joined the Mukilteo/Clinton route in 2014, and the Samish was put into service on the Anacortes/San Juan Islands route in June 2015.


Ferry Power Specs

  • Both will be source on-board power from three Volvo Penta D13 keel-cooled ship service generators
  • Each generator will supply 341 kWe of power
  • PPG also supplied Volvo Penta D13 radiator-cooled emergency generator sets for a custom-fabricated skid to each ferry


Environmental Benefits

Reducing emissions is a critical focus for WSF. The new Volvo Penta generators are EPA Tier 3-certified and will have cleaner operations than previous power sources, helping to reduce impact on Washington’s waterways and air.


More about PPG’s Volvo Penta engines and generators

More about the WSF Project

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infomart mtu - Pacific Power Group

Pacific Power Group, an authorized MTU Onsite Energy distributor and service provider for all generator brands, has commissioned the last three MTU Onsite Energy generators of 14 total at Infomart’s Portland, Ore., data center.

Founded in 2006, Infomart is a leader in building, owning and operating wholesale data centers. The company’s 345,000-square-foot data center is critically important to ensuring constant connectivity for vital web and cloud-based services around the country.

Since its inception, Infomart has achieved 100 percent uptime, and the company relies on Pacific Power Group to deliver on that reputation and for its extensive track record of success powering data centers across the Northwest.

The two companies originally began working together in 2011 with the first phase of the Portland data center’s construction. PPG provided Infomart and their construction teams on the project with engineering assistance and equipment specifications for the data center’s backup power system and provided seven generators in the initial phase. The partnership grew over the next five years to encompass two additional phases including seven more 2.25- and 2-megawatt MTU Onsite Energy generators.

After careful coordination with Infomart’s data center equipment, MTU Onsite Energy gensets were selected and supplied with onboard paralleling capabilities, customized quiet sound attenuating packages to meet stringent local noise code requirements and sub-base fuel systems.

Pacific Power Group’s expertise in the commissioning process was essential in providing Infomart with a reliable emergency power solution for their Portland location. Prior to final completion of the project, PPG rigorously tests and commissions each individual generator and the complete system to optimize performance for that facility’s specialized use. This process helps ensure that Infomart’s MTU generators will be available to support their servers in the event of an emergency or power outage.

PPG’s Power Generation team also provides preventative maintenance for the critical information hub. By proactively managing the maintenance needs of Infomart’s backup power system, Pacific Power Group is able to help Infomart increase its effectiveness and their peace of mind in having power at all times.

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buckhorn_mine - Pacific Power Group

Originally founded in the 1890’s, the town of Republic, Washington, is one of the original gold mining towns in the Pacific Northwest – second only to Yosemite in California during the 1850’s Gold Rush. In Republic, it is safe to say that gold runs deep. Mining has been a primary industry in this region for decades and today Buckhorn Mine relies on dependable mining equipment to extract gold from the mine, making transporting the heavy metal safe and easy in the narrow mines.

As the last operating underground gold mine in the Northwest, Buckhorn Gold Mine chose Pacific Power Group to provide a remanufactured Detroit Diesel Series 50 engine for an Atlas Copco Wagner underground mine truck. This invaluable heavy-duty mining truck is used to haul stone and gold from the mine.

The Buckhorn Mine staff chose PPG because of our excellent service record and history of success working with mining equipment. Our team supplied a Detroit Diesel S-50 capable of powering the heavy hauling truck in the mine with greater efficiency and the performance needed to work in such a challenging environment.

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Yarder at work - Pacific Power Group

Your machines and workers are the lifeblood of your logging operation. Whether you’re yarding, skidding or shoveling, getting the most value from your equipment can help your logging operation run more efficiently and add more to your bottom line. There are several methods you can implement in your equipment management program that help you lengthen the life of your equipment or improve its performance. Here are a few practices to consider for your logging equipment:

1) Plan a Detailed Survey of Your Equipment

While you’re an expert at operating your equipment, do you really know how your typical day-to-day operations effect the inner workings of your machinery? Planning regular surveys of your equipment can help you better understand how different landscapes and activities affect your machinery, plan for necessary service downtime and prevent larger service issues. Once you have a better understanding of the current state of your equipment, you can take steps to mitigate any issues you find and be on a path to maximize the life of your equipment. In every field the cost of downtime far outweighs the cost of a good preventative maintenance plan. While you can’t prevent every issue, you shouldn’t let preventable issues stop your workday.

When conducting an equipment survey, it’s vital to use a checklist to ensure that all parts of your machinery have been reviewed and checked over for wear and tear or major malfunctions. Make sure to include all hydraulics, your transmission and engine components.

Use the first survey as a baseline to plan for how often you’ll need to conduct surveys in the future.
Choose a regular interval to survey your equipment that works with your operation, your equipment manufactured recommendations and that you can commit to.

2) Make an Effective Service Plan and Stock Key Parts

The most important part of making an “effective” service plan that will extend the life of your logging equipment is to be proactive. Instead of reacting to issues as the occur in the field, planning for regular maintenance such as fluid analysis and engine diagnostics can help you eliminate downtime and increase the amount of productive hours you get with each piece of equipment.

Regular inspection of your equipment increases the safety of your operations and can help you prevent serious malfunctions such as oil or coolant leaks that result in engine damage. Preventative maintenance keeps each piece of your equipment working as it should – allowing you to harvest more.

Your plan should be based on your particular equipment, how easy it is to service, and the cost vs. benefit associated with servicing. In the long run, preventative maintenance on your machinery can add significant dollars to your bottom line. A local OEM or engine service dealer can also help you develop an on-going maintenance plan for your equipment or answer any questions you have about servicing a particular piece of equipment.

Here are a few tips that can help your service plan be more effective:

  • Educate your workers –  Teach them to look for key factors that indicate your equipment may be in need of service. This could be signs of lower performance, particular sounds or lower fuel efficiency.
  • Plan ahead – Scheduling maintenance for power and hydraulic systems will keep those systems working more effectively.
  • Make an individual service plan for each piece of equipment – You know how your equipment functions in your daily work environment better than anyone else. If there’s one piece of machinery that is used more frequently than other equipment on your jobsites or for longer hours, you may need to step up the service frequency for that that piece of equipment.
  • Consider an outsourced service provider – To maximize the efficiency of your workforce, an outsourced maintenance provider may be a good solution. Using factory certified technicians and state-of-the-art equipment can ensure maintenance is completed on regular intervals and to factory standards, and helps keep you in line with your warranty.

To increase your service plan’s effectiveness, one option is to stock key parts. For minor issues, having a stock of critical parts on hand can allow your team to make a quick fix. When your machinery has a serious malfunction, having parts available can have a large effect on your downtime and service costs.

“Most service providers simply cannot stock parts for all unique applications of each piece of machinery. We coach customers to stock a few key parts so that during emergency situations, our field techs are able to service equipment much faster and save our customers significant cost,” said Dan Miller, Off-Highway Field Service Manager at Pacific Power Group. “By stocking a few important parts, you can take better advantage of your service providers and get your equipment up and running faster.”

madill-repower3) Repower for Better Performance

After years of successful service, your forestry machinery might be a little tired and less efficient – but still generally in good shape. Repowering with a remanufactured engine and refurbishing your equipment can help give your machinery years of additional life. A few factors to consider when thinking about an equipment repower:

  • Take into account the current condition and remaining useful life of the piece of machinery. Since a remanufactured engine can add approximately 20,000 hours or more to your equipment’s life, you want to ensure it can last that long.
  • With the value that remanufactured engines offer, you can save significant costs instead of making a large capital investment in new equipment. If you can repower for lower costs, those dollars can be reinvested elsewhere in your operation.
  • Depending on the type of engine currently in your equipment, you can typically replace it with the same or similar remanufactured engine. This saves significant downtime for engineering that must occur when integrating a different type of engine. Repowering with a remanufactured engine also allows you to skip EPA End Product Questionnaire testing, which can take up to a week to complete.

Consult your engine manufacturer, dealer or distributor for compliance with EPA regarding the use of a remanufactured or new engine in an equipment repower. In many cases you may be able to use an engine that requires little or no change to your equipment support systems. Reman engines are typically updated with the latest engine technologies and have been rebuilt to make them nearly good-as-new, while offering significant cost savings. Reman engines such as those made by Detroit Diesel can improve your equipment’s performance and dependability in the field, plus increase the years of service life you receive. They also can help your equipment operate safely and more reliable, and with better fuel economy.

Making these practices a priority in your equipment program can help you extend the life of your equipment and see greater value for years to come.

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Power Generation - MTU Generator Service - Pacific Power Group

For facilities that have on-site power generators and power equipment, there are few facets of a generator management program that are more important than preventative maintenance. Pacific Power Group’s expert power system service team works closely with building engineers and facilities managers to develop preventative maintenance programs that keep critical backup and emergency generators, transfer switches, switchgear and related equipment in peak condition. Here are several reasons why preventative maintenance is vital to your power generation system and for your facility:

Outages Can be Costly and Life-Threatening

For certain types of mission critical facilities, power availability and greater uptime can have a large effect on your bottom line. Backup power for data centers, municipalities, utilities and other similar facilities is crucially important – downtime is often measured in seconds and even momentary power loss can affect revenue.

Power loss at a health care facility, including hospitals and health research centers, can have a much worse outcome. Power system downtime can put lives in danger. You need a maintenance partner who understands the maintenance required to comply with regulations for your legally-required system and can help ensure your system functions as intended during an outage. Generator systems need regular preventative maintenance service to operate at full power and provide that power at a moment’s notice. With regular service from Pacific Power Group’s expert service team, your generator system will be prepared for a power outage or other emergency.

Preventative Maintenance Increases the Life of Your Generator System

Preventative power system maintenance keeps your generator system and every component in good operating condition, ready for use when needed. Pacific Power Group’s generator service technicians familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of your generator system and can help identify and solve service issues before they occur or before they become a larger problem.

On-going maintenance of your generator system can add years to its life cycle and increase the value that your business receives from its investment. Without regular maintenance, major engine failures and other costly service issues become more likely. Those larger service issues are often associated with greater costs.

There’s an added benefit for emergency situations that may occur too – with service technicians already familiar with your power generation system and facility needs, any necessary emergency service during an outage or extreme weather can be completed much more rapidly. Service technicians will already be knowledgeable about the unique needs and setup of your onsite power generators.

A Good Maintenance Program Saves Time for Facilities Managers and Engineers

With preventative maintenance managed by a premier service provider such as PPG, facilities managers and building engineers can spend their time working on other important issues for the properties they manage.

Instead of manually tracking service on each component and every aspect of your power generation system, PPG has years of experience and innovative tools to manage service needs and reduce your time spent managing service programs.

With our PM Tracker software, we can schedule each part of your power generation system on an individual schedule and our team will schedule necessary service with you when needed. Our team has a hands-on approach to managing preventative maintenance and can help your facility become proactive about maintenance management, saving you significant time in the process.

With complete service solutions for generators of most major brands, Pacific Power Group can help start or enhance your generator service program. Want more information about preventive maintenance? Contact our team today.

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When changes to requirements were made for ship berthing tugs operating on the Columbia River and its tributaries, Shaver Transportation was faced with a serious problem: one of their tugs, the M/V Umatilla, was rendered unusable for ship berthing and no longer able to produce revenue. As one of the most successful marine transportation companies operating on the Columbia River system since 1880, it was essential for the Umatilla to get back to work on the river.

Shaver turned to Pacific Power Group to revitalize their vessel and put it back into money-making service with a propulsion and performance upgrade.  As the Umatilla is a veteran tug with has provided many years of dedicated service, Shaver and Pacific Power Group sought a cost-effective way to repower the vessel without brand new engines.

Recently, Pacific had sold new engines to repower a private yacht that was due for an overhaul – the owner had no use for the original MTU Series 4000 engines which had very low load factors and hours in use. Pacific began in-depth research and calculations to see if it the yacht engines could be converted for commercial tug use. A survey was performed on the 8V4000 M90 engines and PPG determined that the engines could indeed be converted. A deal was made with the yacht owner to purchase the used engines and begin converting them from pleasurecraft use to a suitable source of power for the Umatilla and its rigorous duties.

The expertise and creative problem solving provided by Pacific Power Group supplied the Umatilla with a power and bollard pull upgrade while costing less than half the price of new engines – a great value for Shaver Transportation that continues more than 30 years of business partnership between the two companies.

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