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Trucking in Remote Alaska

Western-Star - Pacific Power Group

Joe needed a truck that could handle the extreme northern Alaskan climate conditions he often faces. Hauling freight on the remote Dalton Highway, made famous by the History Channel’s Ice Road Truckers, is a task that requires talent, experience and built-tough equipment. As an owner operator, Joe depends upon his truck to haul a wide variety of cargo on the sometimes primitive and dangerous highway.

Joe came to Pacific Power Group looking for a new truck that could handle the challenges he works in daily. Our team had a truck that wouldn’t just get Joe from his home base of Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay, it would help improve his business operation with better reliability and greater profitability. We spec’d a Western Star 4900 SF truck hand built specifically to haul freight in Alaska’s tough conditions. The 4900 is a versatile truck that provides Joe with the uncompromising power needed for an owner/operator working in extreme climates.

“Joe and, his wife, Lisa are great people and it has been a pleasure getting to know them. They’re not just a customer, I feel like it is more of a friendship. I’m glad they bought this truck and they will get years of service with the reliability that Western Star is famous for,” John Craft, On-Highway Sales.


Joe at the Artic Circle with his Western Star

Joe at the Arctic Circle with his Western Star

Hauling on the Dalton Highway

Hauling on the Dalton Highway