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Kamewa FF-Series Waterjets

Strength is the pillar of the Kamewa FF-series Waterjets, and this characteristic is found throughout the system’s construction. The Kamewa FF-series is designed to supply uncompromising control, thrust and the best size-weight ratio in its class. With built-in components that provide high volume flow and good pulling thrust at lower speeds, FF-series water jets offer sound performance that you can rely on in all of your boating excursions. Each is made with stainless steel steering/reversing rods and all other components are aluminum for maximum strength. These waterjets do not typically require a reduction gear.











Models & Specifications

Models Power (kW) Dry Weight (kg) EW Weight* (kg)
FF-240 260 124 25
FF-270 370 155 28
FF-310 500 242 40
FF-340 530 270 52
FF-37 585 380 138
FF-41 735 485 170
FF-45 885 520 209
FF-500 1100 840 350
FF-550 1390 960 395
FF-600 1800 1325 495
FF-67 2000 1545 703

* Entrained water inside transom For additional spec information, click here.