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Preventative Maintenance to Increase Generator Service Life

We invest heavily in new and more efficient technologies to streamline our service processes and continue to add value. Thermal Image Inspections
  • Problems with electrical or electromechanical systems can often be identified early as excess heat
  • Pacific uses the latest in infrared imaging technology to detect problems before they become costly failures
  • Our thermal imaging cameras provide clearer images and better thermal sensitivity making troubleshooting excess heat safer and easier
Fuel Systems Maintenance
  • Today’s diesel fuel systems are especially susceptible to contaminants, making proper fuel system maintenance more important than ever
  • Adding fluids sampling and analysis to a planned maintenance program can help detect and prevent costly fuel systems failures before they occur
  • Fuel Polishing
    • Pacific’s mobile fuel polishing removes water, micro- organisms and sediment to return fuel to pristine condition
    • Cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to diesel fuel replacement
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