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Fuel Sampling and Analysis:
  • Regular sampling and lab analysis of lube oil, coolant and fuel can identify trends and prevent costly failures
  • Fluids sampling and analysis can add value to a comprehensive planned maintenance program
Load Banking Services
  • Light loading is common with diesel generators and can lead to polished cylinder walls, excessive carbon buildup and low compression, which can cause incomplete combustion, excessive smoke, and “wet stacking,” as well as fuel dilution of the lube oil
  • Regular load bank testing can prevent and correct wet stacking and excessive smoke
  • Load testing can identify problems before they lead to expensive failures
  • Load banking can be included as part of a comprehensive planned maintenance program, as well as to ensure regulatory compliance for legally-required generator systems
Lube Oil Pumping Trailer
  • Pacific provides an efficient and cost effective means of replacing lube oil in large diesel generating systems
  • Allows us to quickly remove and replenish lube oil, reducing labor costs to our customers
Confidence Testing
  • Our technicians are certified by the City of Seattle Fire Department to provide Confidence Testing
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