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AFUP021 – Dynamic Engine Air Precleaners – Racor AFAP, AFHP, AFUP, EACP, Spinaire Series

AFUP021 – Dynamic Engine Air Precleaners – Racor AFAP, AFHP, AFUP, EACP, Spinaire Series

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Racor AFUP Engine Air Pre-Cleaners are designed to be mounted on or connected to the air intake of an air filter housing on gasoline or diesel engines.

AFUP Engine Air Pre-Cleaners are usually installed in place of the rain cap, dust bowl, or aspirated pre-cleaner (exhaust system). In some applications, they can be mounted directly to the air cleaner inlet.

Equipment operated in dusty environments requires more periodic maintenance and they experience more down time. The filter in the air cleaner requires more frequent replacement as the level of airborne dust increases. A plugged filter reduces power, fuel economy, and engine component life. Racor dynamic air pre-cleaners dramatically increase the life of the air filter (up to 12 times), reduce overall intake system restriction, increase equipment productivity, reduce downtime, and save money.

How they work:

Air enters the pre-cleaner system through a screen that removes large debris. Air then flows through static vanes causing the air to spin. As the air spins, centrifugal force separates up to 90% of the dust, dirt, insects, rain, and snow from the air stream. The swirling air drives a high velocity rotor that acts as a blower evacuating contaminants through special discharge ports at the bottom or in the side of the unit. Only purified air flows to the air filters.

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