Customer Stories

Building Long Term Logging Success

Logger - Pacific Power Group

The Dahlgren family has a long history in the Pacific Northwest. With decades of logging under their belt, they know the craftsmanship, hard work, long days, and tough equipment that it takes to get the job done. The Dahlgren’s family hauls approximately 17,000 log truck loads out of the Olympic Peninsula each year, making a dependable partner for machinery power essential. Over the years, the Dahlgren family has trusted the success of their yarders and logging equipment to Pacific Power Group.

“Our partnership over the years has helped the Dahlgren family and their logging machinery operate more successfully. We’re proud to have them as a customer,” said Joe Grycko, Industrial Engine Sales at Pacific Power Group.

No large yarder towers have been built since the mid-1960’s, making repowers vital for logging operations. In recent years, five of the Dahlgren’s machines have been repowered with remanufactured Detroit Diesel Series 60 engines from Pacific Power Group. Currently, our team is working on a repower of a Mark IV yarder tower that is over 100 ft. tall. In order to help the Dahlgren’s get the most from their yarder, our team worked with Detroit Diesel to design custom controls for two operation stations, one for driving the massive machine and a second for operating the tall tower.

“Joe Grycko and Pacific Power has been instrumental in repowering our Yarder and Madill Log Loaders,” said Pete Dahlgren. “We appreciate the one on one attention received to help resolve our issues.”