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ANA Mobile Generators

ANA AIRMAN Mobile Generators provided by Pacific Power Group are the ideal solution for reliable power for business mobility. Their mobile generators provide dependable power on the go, offering a practical solution for businesses in need of mobility or that prefer not to make a heavy investment in a stationary generator. ANA AIRMAN generators are built to withstand various challenges and ensure uninterrupted power supply. With their durable construction and advanced engineering, they are capable of handling demanding environments and remote locations.

These generators also boast impressive fuel efficiency, helping businesses optimize operational costs. With user-friendly interfaces and advanced features, ANA AIRMAN Mobile Generators are designed for ease of use and maintenance. Experience the reliability and mobility they offer along with the experienced 24/7 local support of Pacific Power Group, ensuring your business stays powered wherever it needs it the most.

A look into the ANA AIRMAN SDG 400 KVA Mobile Generator

Benefits of ANA AIRMAN Mobile Generators

Reliability: reliable performance, ensuring a steady and uninterrupted power supply.

Mobility: Designed specifically for mobility, easy to transport, and can be deployed in various locations.

Durability: constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring their longevity and ability to handle rugged conditions.

Fuel Efficiency: designed to be fuel-efficient reducing operational costs by maximizing fuel usage and minimizing waste.

Versatility: With a wide range of power output options, from small-scale applications to larger industrial needs.

User-Friendly: intuitive interfaces and controls, making them easy to operate and requiring minimal training.

Low Maintenance: accessible components and streamlined servicing processes, reducing downtime, and maximizing productivity.

Advanced Features: automatic shutdown systems, voltage regulation, and noise reduction technologies, enhancing overall performance and user experience.

Environmentally Friendly: Tier 4 environmental standards, ensuring compliance with stringent emission regulations.

Mobile Generator Models

SDG25 - 20kW

The SDG25 generator from AIRMAN, with its Isuzu diesel engine, runs over 32 hours at full load, delivering 20kW of prime power. Auto start is a standard feature and has the industry's best automatic voltage regulation of +/- 0.5% and an exterior potentiometer allowing for precise voltage selection.

ANA Mobile Generators

SDG40 - 28.8kW

AIRMAN's 36 kVA prime power generator provides 95 amps at three-phase 208V and 108 amps in single-phase 240V with over 36-hour runtime at full load. Airman generator ends are constructed to a series star wire high-wye configuration, providing best-in-class motor starting capability.

ANA Mobile Generators

SDG45 - 36kW

AIRMAN's SDG45S-8E2 provides 28.75 hours of runtime at a full 36kW load, with safety features that include a curbside electrical panel, automatic shutdowns, and an external drain for simple preventive maintenance. Delta Demand Excitation delivers the industry's best motor starting capability, adjusting automatically as loads vary.

ANA Mobile Generators

SDG150 - 120kW

AIRMAN's 150 kVA prime power generator provides 394 amps at three-phase 208 volts, 180 amps at 480 volts, and over 360 amps in a single phase 240 volts. You get over 24-hour runtime at full load, and at 66 dBA it is the quietest in the industry.

ANA Mobile Generators

SDG220 - 176kW

AIRMAN's 220 kVA prime power generator provides 608 amps at three-phase 208 volts and 491 amps in single-phase 240 volts with 23.5 hours of runtime, fuel tank at full load, and external tank connections for extended runtimes and 110% spill containment. The SDG220 delivers the industry's leading automatic voltage regulation (0.5%), and best-in-class motor starting capability, all in a rugged weatherproof sound attenuated encloser.

ANA Mobile Generators

SDG400 - 320kW

AIRMAN's 400kVA prime power generator provides 1,048 amps at three-phase 208V and 50 amps x 3 in single-phase 240V with 21.3-hour runtime at full load. Powered by an Isuzu 6WG engine with electronic fuel priming and air bleed for minimal downtime. Delta Demand Excitation delivers the industry's best motor starting capability and automatically adjusts to varying loads.

ANA Mobile Generators

Energy Boss 25

With Energy Boss, going green has never been easier, thanks to its energy and fuel-efficient features. The hybrid energy system helps reduce fuel consumption, maintenance costs, and greenhouse gas emissions. Featuring a 15Kwh battery with a 41-year life cycle at a 3kW average load, the compact 30kVA/24kW hybrid energy system provides maximum power and sustainability. Energy Boss provides simultaneous three-phase and single-phase output voltages. With its all-in-one trailer, telematics, and 10" LCD display, the Energy Boss can deliver quality power and reliability in any environment.

ANA Mobile Generators
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