Wellness, Preventative, Survey Plans

Spend More Time on the Water for Less

Keep your vessel running at optimal performance – ready when you need it – providing you with the confidence to go out and return safely with Pacific Power Group’s (PPG) Wellness, Preventative, & Survey Plans. Developed especially for vessel maintenance, preventative diagnostics, and buying/selling readiness, PPG’s experienced technicians and state-of-the-art facilities are diesel engine experts who can save you money and help extend the life of your engine.

Whether you are an owner, captain, angler, or broker, PPG has the perfect plan for your vessels needs.

Pacific Power Group Proactive Leisure Service

Wellness Checks

Vessel wellness checks

Diagnostic service that provides detailed reporting on engine performance, fluid levels, and system health for maintenance and warranty repairs.

  • 40-Point Visual Inspection
  • Fluid Level Check
  • Fluid Sampling
  • File Extraction (Alarms, Engine Codes, Hours, etc.)
  • Documentation & Reports
  • Optional Gearbox & Generator Inspections

Preventative Maintenance*

Vessel Preventative Maintenance

A proactive plan ensures vessels run at optimal performance minimizing expensive repairs and service calls - your vessel ready when you need it.

  • Fluid Changes
  • Filter Changes
  • Sea Trials
  • Valve Adjustments
  • Borescope Service
  • Injector Replacement
  • File Extraction (Alarms, Engine Codes, Hours, Etc.)
  • Documentation & Reports
  • Customized Tiered Service Packages

Survey Plans

Vessel Survey Plans

Whether you are buying or selling, survey plans inspect and report on the engine’s general health supporting engine valuation.

  • Seller Specific Survey Plans
  • Buyer Specific Survey Plans
  • Extended Propulsion Coverage Survey Plans
  • Engine Health Report

*10% Off Labor and 5% off Parts needed for Maintenance Repairs with an Active Preventative Maintenance Agreement


Ready for Fishing Season

Proactive Maintenance

Reduces Costly Repairs

Avoids Premature Wear/Tear

Peace of Mind

Parts/Labor Discounts

Engine Health (Value) Reports

Maintains Warranty