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Fuel Polishing

Most diesel engine failures originate in the fuel tank. Fuel contamination such as water, sediment and sludge build up over time in stored fuels if they aren’t tested and treated on a regular basis. This contamination plugs filters, damages fuel system components and corrodes the insides of fuel tanks, which can result in untimely and expensive engine failures as well as storage tank leaks.

Our mobile fuel polishing service is designed to efficiently and safely clean and restore fuel to a pristine condition. This process helps address the issues associated with long term storage of diesel fuel common to standby emergency generator systems. Fuel polishing will help ensure your emergency generator is ready to perform when you most need it.

During the service, sediment, microbiological growth and water are removed from fuel storage tanks. Our process incorporates a multi-stage filtration system that reconditions, stabilizes and decontaminates diesel fuel to restore it to a clean and usable state. If our fuel sampler results indicate the presence of certain types of bacteria or fungal growth, we can also incorporate additives as part of a long term preventative maintenance program.

To stay in compliance with NFPA, all diesel-powered generator sets must have a fuel test performed annually as part of their generator maintenance program. Pacific Power Group can provide this service as well as perform the additional required emergency power system maintenance. Contact us today and we can build a custom maintenance program to help you meet these requirements and keep your emergency power system in top condition.

Fuel Polishing

Advantages of Fuel Polishing

  • Prevention of corrosion and carbon build-up
  • Reduction of fuel filter clogging
  • Better lubricity
  • Extended engine life
  • Extended filter life
  • Improved combustion
  • Lower emisions
  • Improved fuel economy