News & Announcements

MTU Expands Pacific Power Group’s Territory

MTU has relied on our marine team to help it establish a significant foothold in the Pacific Northwest and Northern California with builders and users of yachts, ferries and workboats. MTU is now asking the marine division to do the same in the Gulf of Mexico and Southern California. The German-based engine builder expanded our marine team’s area of coverage to include the rest of California and the gulf territory from the Texas Gulf Coast east to New Orleans and the coastal counties of Mississippi and Alabama. “This is a tremendous honor and challenge given to us by MTU,” said Bill Mossey, President of Pacific Power Group.  “We are excited to work with this new customer base and to introduce them to MTU products and our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our solutions-based approach to partnerships is aimed at solving our customers’ problems, helping their businesses grow and operate cost effectively.” We bring the largest force of MTU factory-trained marine technicians in North America to these new areas. Our technicians have decades of experience working with companies that operate in the marine sector, including fast ferries, tug and tow boats, barges, yachts, and sportfish vessels. The sales and engineering team is equally experienced in helping customers design an MTU propulsion system to best fit their needs.

New Orleans Arrival

We will initially serve the gulf region from offices in New Orleans. We have already added technicians to service the area and will continue to grow the team in the region to meet the needs of our new customers. We’ll also rely on long-time dealers to create a service network across the territory. “Our extensive technician training program ensures that we maintain a high level of customer service, expertise and professionalism to serve our MTU customers,” said Doug Schwedland, VP of our Marine Division. “We are excited for our gulf customers to experience the level of service we offer.”

California Expansion

In the Golden State, we’re adding offices in the Long Beach and San Diego areas to serve customers in those markets. We have been serving the San Francisco Bay Area from our office in San Leandro for more than a year. The service locations are being staffed as we actively recruit more technicians to add to our stable. The California expansion allows for economies of scale and a uniform level of service for all MTU marine customers in the state.

Proven Track Record

The expanded coverage areas in the Gulf of Mexico and Southern California is the byproduct of years of proving our expertise with MTU products. Customers like Westport Yachts in Washington, as well as workboat and defense boat builders and users in Washington and California have relied on our sales, engineering and service departments to meet their MTU needs. In 2018 at MTU’s suggestion, ferry operators in the San Francisco Bay Area turned to Pacific Power Group to handle the maintenance needs for their fleets. The new agreement solidified our position as the premier technicians for MTU marine customers in the West.