Customer Stories

PPG Keeps Greyhound and Bolt Buses On Schedule

When you’ve got a fleet of buses that will travel 1.5 million miles in a lifetime, uptime is a premium. You need those buses working and keeping your passengers safe.

For Greyhound’s fleet in the Pacific Northwest, that means trusting their repair and maintenance work with us. Well, specifically with Pat Ryan’s crew. Pat is the foreman for our On-Highway Service Center in Kent, Washington, and has been involved with Greyhound buses for 35 years.

That longevity and expertise is why on any given week there will be one to four buses in our service bays.

“They trust us,” he said.

Strong bonds 

Pat learned the ins and outs of Greyhound’s fleet by spending the early years of his mechanical career working on the company’s bus engines in the Seattle area. Engine repairs, engine swaps and transmission work were all part of the daily routine, whether it was an emergency repair or scheduled maintenance.

Greyhound expanded that relationship with Pacific Power Group in 2012 when it brought Bolt Bus to the West Coast. The premium bus service travels between Vancouver, British Columbia south to Eugene, Oregon, with numerous stops along the route.

To understand Greyhound’s continued reliance on our technicians, consider that the bus company’s current lead maintenance manager used to work at PPG.

Rigorous maintenance schedule

The Prevost buses used by Greyhound and Bolt are kept on a strict maintenance schedule that dictates whether parts will be repaired or replaced with new equipment. That schedule means our technicians will swap out 10 to 20 engines each year for new ones.

Much of the workload falls to Dough Richardson, one of our Kent team’s top technicians that handle bus repairs. Recently there were three Bolt buses in the shop with one awaiting a new engine and new transmissions going into the other two. Pat described that as a pretty typical week.

“In their calculations, they project each bus will drive 1.5 million miles before it’s time to be replaced,” Pat said. “Prevost buses can do that.”

Practice makes perfect

Given the history with Greyhound, it’s no surprise the company constitutes a significant amount of the repair work done in Pat’s shop. That means Pat’s factory trained crew understands the customer’s expectations, and are well versed on the equipment and know what it takes to keep the buses running on schedule.

“We’ve been able to maintain and foster the relationship with Greyhound because of our quality work and ability to work with them,” he said. “The answer is always yes.”