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Reliable Power Partnership for Harley Marine’s Tank Barges

harley marine barge - Pacific Power Group

As one of the leading marine transportation service providers in the U.S., Harley Marine’s excellent customer service and powerful barges are key in moving petroleum from port to port on the East and West Coasts.

Moving cargo from ports all along both U.S. coasts is no small task. It requires constant vigilance, maximum uptime and a focus on environmental sustainability. To help achieve those goals, Harley Marine Services has partnered with Pacific Power Group for their on-board cargo pump engines for five of their barges built over the last several years.

With the barges reaching lengths of more than 430 feet with carrying capacities up to 82,000 barrels, managing the power supply for the cargo pumps while ensuring the highest levels of safety and meeting environmental concerns are critical to Harley Marine.

Harley trusts PPG to provide Volvo Penta engines that offer uncompromising reliability on board their barges and safety features that reduce fire hazards. Over the years, PPG has provided and engineered Volvo Penta D13 engines for Harley barges built by trusted boat builders such as Vigor Industrial, Zidell Marine, and Gunderson Marine.  The engines’ low fuel consumption and emissions help lower operating costs and reduce environmental impacts. Ensuring standardized, reliable cargo pump engines with impeccable reliability are powering the cargo pumps in Harley’s tank barge fleet helps reduce their lifecycle costs.

Along with the Volvo Penta engines for Harley’s cargo pumps, Pacific Power Group’s support throughout the building process ensures that their power system is properly integrated before launch. With PPG as a partner, Harley Marine continues to deliver vital cargo from port to port along the West Coast.