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Act Now to Safeguard Your Vintage: A Call to Vineyards and Wineries in Oregon and Washington!

Public Safety Power Shutoffs - Vineyards and Wineries

Oregon and Washington states boast thriving wine industries, producing renowned wines cherished by connoisseurs worldwide. However, the region is not immune to natural disasters and extreme weather events that can lead to Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS). These power shutoffs, implemented by electric utility companies to prevent wildfires and ensure public safety during adverse conditions, can significantly impact wineries as has happened in California.

Public Safety Power Shutoffs are real and unpredictable. When extreme weather conditions strike, utility companies may swiftly cut off power to protect lives and properties from the wildfire menace. The cost of unpreparedness during these moments could be astronomical, risking your years of hard work, reputation, and dreams of sharing your masterpiece with the world.


The Devastating Impact:

  • Time is Money: Wineries must act with speed and precision during the production process. A single power outage could set back your operations, resulting in delayed harvests and missed opportunities to create your best vintage.
  • Quality Compromise: Your artistry depends on the delicate balance of temperature and care during fermentation and aging. Power shutoffs can disrupt this balance, compromising the flavor and aroma profile of your wines.
  • Loss of Revenue: The stakes are high, and every bottle represents potential revenue. With every PSPS event, you risk losing valuable wine batches, jeopardizing your bottom line and financial stability.


Now, more than ever, the time has come to safeguard your legacy against the darkness of power outages. Let us introduce your beacon of hope – Pacific Power Group!

  • Take Control: Empower your winery with our mobile generators – the ultimate solution to keep your operations running like clockwork during PSPS events.
  • Reliability Matters: With Pacific Power Group, you can rest assured knowing our generators are engineered to perfection and backed by our years of experience in standby power generation.
  • Your Vintage, Our Priority: We understand the urgency, and we’re here to support you with on-site service and support, ensuring your generator is always at its peak performance.
  • Fuel Your Success: Our fuel-efficient solutions reduce operational costs, ensuring your profits remain intact despite extended power shutoffs.


The Time is Now, for the wineries of Oregon and Washington, the time to act is now! Don’t wait for an unexpected power shutoff to darken your dreams of crafting exceptional wines. Be proactive, seize control, and protect your legacy. With Pacific Power Group by your side, you can face any PSPS event with confidence, knowing your vintage will thrive regardless of the darkness that surrounds it.

Your legacy deserves to shine. Embrace the power of preparedness and let us help you write your success story. Contact Pacific Power Group today, and let’s ignite the light that will forever brighten your winery’s path to greatness!

Leave us your information so we can contact you and offer the best backup power solution for your vineyard/winery.

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