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Westport Yachts Relies on MTU Engines to Power its Sought After Vessels

Westport Yacht has built a reputation in the industry and with boaters for designing and manufacturing sleek, luxurious yachts made from composite materials. These hand-crafted vessels stretch between 112 and 164 feet, allowing their owners and guests to ply some of the most pristine waters in the world.

For nearly three decades, Westport Yachts has relied on MTU engines to power many of the vessels it has manufactured. Our marine team has worked alongside the yacht builder for years to provide Westport Yachts MTU products and customer support to insure customer satisfaction and return buyers.

“Our partnership with Westport Yachts has endured for so long thanks to the MTU product and expertise of our marine team,” said Doug Schwedland, Vice President of Pacific Power Group’s Marine division. “We’ve delivered over 200 engines to Westport Yachts to date powering over 100 yachts in the past 20 years.”

Storied History

Westport Yachts was founded in 1964 as a builder of commercial fishing boats and fast ferries. The company pioneered the use of composite materials in boat construction at its facilities in Westport and Port Angeles, Washington.

The company’s focus ultimately shifted to the yacht market where it has become one of the largest North American yacht builders, launching more than 140 yachts and commercial vessels since its inception.

Reliance on MTU

Westport Yachts relies on MTU engines to power many of its yachts, with all but one model exclusively powered by MTU. The W112’ /34m W125’ / 38m and the W130’ /40m yachts are all powered with MTU Series 16v2000M86 and 96L engines and the W164/ 50m’ yacht is powered with the MTU 16v4000M73L engine. The engines in both lines generate high torque, thus delivering outstanding acceleration performance, even at low loads.

MTU Series 2000 and 4000 Marine engines power yachts throughout the world and are renowned for the reliability, power, performance and low noise and vibration. The engines are equipped with sequential turbocharging for excellent fuel consumption over a wide operating range of loads.

Updated Yacht Line

Westport Yachts doesn’t sit on its laurels. The company is constantly updating and redesigning its vessels to stay current with today’s customers. Our marine team is privileged to work with Westport Yachts to integrate MTU engines into the new vessels that meld world-class yacht design and construction with world-class power and our support.