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Why You Need Customized Fuel Tanks for Generator

A growing number of industries in today’s marketplace rely on continuous power to maintain operations. Hospitals, data centers and municipalities are just a few examples of sectors that rely on back-up generators to maintain that constant flow of power.

A lot of thought goes into selecting the proper generator to meet a building’s needs. But what about the fuel tanks that are needed to keep the generators operational. In today’s complex genset designs, there is rarely an opportunity to effectively take a tank off “the shelf” and plug it into use.

Building codes, fuel type and run time are just a few factors that dictate the need for a bespoke tank.

Our Power Generation team is well versed and experienced in designing complete genset systems that meet every requirement to keep the power flowing.

Our Technical Expertise

Dmitry Kraskovsky, who is on our Power Generation sales team, works closely with contractors to design fuel tanks that match code requirements with a customer’s needs.

“This is where our code knowledge comes into play,” he said.

For example, run times vary depending on the type of building. A hospital requires a minimum run time of 96 hours compared to a two-hour run time for a safety load in a residential building.

Fuel tank construction is also a critical point of consideration. A fuel tank for indoor use has a maximum capacity of 660 gallons and needs to be double walled with the correct UL rating. If the building requires a longer run time, the tank then needs to be encased in concrete.

These various factors underscore how tank design is very specific and one size does not fit all. That’s where the expertise by the Power Generation team is critical in assisting engineers in the design of a fuel tank system that fits each customer’s specific needs.

Beyond the Tank

The efficient operation of a back-up generator goes well beyond just providing the fuel tanks. Once those tanks are full, you now need to consider a maintenance plan for the tanks.

We offer a full host of services meant to keep fuel tanks and the contents ready for use when the need arises.

Fuel polishing

Our mobile fuel polishing service brings a trained technician to your location to clean the fuel in your generator tanks, removing any water, microorganisms and sediment that could potentially harm the generators.

This service not only keeps the fuel in pristine condition, but it’s an environmentally friendly alternative to replacing the diesel fuel.

Fuel sampling

A comprehensive maintenance program should include sampling of a back-up generator’s lube oil, coolant and fuel to identify trends in operation and to prevent failures from occurring.

Fuel system maintenance

This is another example of scheduling a maintenance program to monitor a system’s fuel to prevent contaminants from entering a system and fouling the generator. Building operators don’t want to discover those problems at a critical time of need.

Our Power Generation team is ready to answer your genset questions and design a system that fulfills your needs.