Gasoline Sterndrives

Volvo Penta Gasoline Sterndrive engines offer supreme fuel economy and performance for almost any vessel. These premium gas engines offer superior power-to-weight ratios for increased torque and acceleration at every throttle setting. Considered to be the next generation of gas engines, they offer unparalleled fuel economy and performance with reliability that is trusted around the world. The move from multi-port technology to direct injection means atomized gas enters the combustion chamber at 2250 psi, providing unparalleled torque and acceleration without compromising on durability. Variable valve timing now allows each movement of the intake and exhaust valve to be optimized for speed and load. You’ll have higher torque and acceleration across the full range of RPM’s. New gasoline engines from model year 2017 come standard with a factory mounted Easy Drain, a feature that can easily drain the raw water from the engine inside the boat regardless if you are in or out of the water. Volvo Penta gas engines put the power in the captain’s hands and put performance and reliability at the forefront of vessel operation.

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Fuel Injection


Better Power-To-Weight Ratio


Light Weight Engine Block


Reduced CO Emissions


Torque and Acceleration

Model & Specifications

Model Horse Power RPM Cylinders Displacement, l (in3)
V6-200 200 5800 V6 4.30 (262)
V6-200-C 200 5800 V6 4.30 (262)
V6-240 240 5800 V6 4.30 (262)
V6-240-CE 240 5800 V6 4.30 (262)
V6-280 280 5800 V6 4.30 (262)
V6-280C 280 5800 V6 4.30 (262)
V6-280CE 280 5800 V6 4.30 (262)
V8-300-CE 300 5800 V8 5.3 (323)
V8-350-C 350 5800 V8 5.3 (323)
V8-350-CE 350 5800 V8 5.3 (323)
V8-380-C 380 6000 V8 6.0 (364)
V8-380-CE 380 6000 V8 6.0 (364)
V8-430-CE 430 6000 V8 6.0 (364)