mtu Diesel Engine

Complying with the latest emissions standards; preheated; quick start and not running during conditioning mode pre-lubricated.

Synchronous machine

Four-pole synchronous machines from world-renowned manufacturers designed not to exceed Class F temperature rise; right-sized for your application and to absorb load harmonics.

Kinetic energy module

Patented accu provides stored kinetic energy to ride through mains interruptions; designed for a 10-year bearing life.

Vibration isolation

Thanks to the solid base frame with isolators between frame and equipment and direct floor installation, vibrations are reduced >97%.

Power Panel

A power panel comprising input, output and automatic bypass circuits; additional upstream, down-stream or tie-breakers can be added, if required.

Control system

KS Vision HMI control system; class-leading electrical and mechanical monitoring including load level, mains failures, input and output voltage, frequencies and power factor; data logging feature recording all historic events.

Electromagnetic clutch

The prime starter system consists of standard engine starting motors. The clutch is maintenance-free and guarantees the diesel engine to start at all times, thanks to the redundant start feature.