The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having an immense impact on our communities.
Our primary concern is for the safety of our team members and customers.
Currently, we are operating as normal and will continue to monitor the situation at all of our locations and will provide updates as necessary.

Open Positions

Open Positions

Pacific Power Group offers a great place to advance your career and a chance to be a part of projects that help power our world. Join our community of team members that go home each day proud of their work.

Pacific Power Group is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer that values diversity in our workplace. We welcome all applicants.

Please let us know if you need any accommodations in the application, interviewing, or selection process. You can call us at 360-887-7455 or email your request to

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f7a854f3-72b3-4247-a35a-a0dc1cbe3d2bService Quoting SpecialistAuburn, WASupport Workers08/05/2022
61a1da76-5893-46c9-b032-1f7f218e9704Journey Level Marine Technician (Remote)Seattle, WATechnicians & Craft Workers07/26/2022
bd4967d0-8be2-4253-abb2-51277965bc4fJourney Level Generator Technician - Ridgefield, WARidgefield, WATechnicians & Craft Workers07/26/2022
fbd7ba1b-1b3d-4cc0-a5ce-bdc74d563b54Journey Level Marine Field TechnicianSan Diego, CATechnicians & Craft Workers07/26/2022
a3f57024-85eb-41c1-92c0-478d052f2dccMarine Engine Field Technician - Volvo PentaSan Diego, CATechnicians & Craft Workers07/26/2022
3a140030-19ed-4e9f-b272-44155ba7d192Marine Engine Field Technician - Volvo PentaKent, WATechnicians & Craft Workers07/26/2022
53a994a5-b161-49df-8da7-5d19e0542d5bJourney Level Generator TechnicianHilo, HITechnicians & Craft Workers07/26/2022
320b13d9-33f1-4ee3-82aa-8fc2d18a0d97Service Coordinator (Power Generation)Auburn, WAAdministrative07/26/2022
2954949a-588a-4a1e-b2d0-9b6989bfe1e8Service Quoting SpecialistRidgefield, WASupport Workers07/26/2022
87827514-78f6-4e90-9ebc-6f743fcd6bdbJourney Level Generator Technician - RemoteRedmond, ORTechnicians & Craft Workers07/21/2022
9976588c-bfc2-4e07-bc4e-397272ec6bbfJourney Level Generator TechnicianAuburn, WATechnicians & Craft Workers07/21/2022
f9cd07c7-4d1c-4c36-ae96-2a9f23519cd9Journey Level Marine Field TechnicianSan Leandro, CATechnicians & Craft Workers07/18/2022
84f0c55b-c868-415e-915f-8b8eba42ca7eDriver/Warehouse WorkerKent, WASupport Workers07/15/2022
7ffc9766-8383-4ad8-b8eb-b12a8a1024f2Journey Level Marine Field TechnicianKent, WATechnicians & Craft Workers07/15/2022
2c1a34e9-e4bc-4f32-ac4c-491d293d9b63Service Operations Planner/ExpediterKent, WASupport Workers07/06/2022
34905371-2c79-4be1-86cb-cd4140fe0d31Apprentice Power Generator TechnicianAuburn, WATechnicians & Craft Workers07/06/2022
45983e36-9a80-48a9-95d7-e4fe90b036fdSr. Business Development Manager - MarineKent, WASales Professionals07/06/2022
8fdefadb-80a6-4f55-afcb-1cef6c4f8034Parts Specialist-MarineKent, WASupport Workers07/05/2022
16b7051d-b328-4cf8-b4ac-3e357b53a07bJourney Level Allison Transmission Technician - Kent, WAKent, WATechnicians & Craft Workers05/25/2022
cd763966-7896-4307-aecc-fe8b4d3ccd49Apprentice Transmission TechnicianKent, WATechnicians & Craft Workers05/25/2022