Open Positions

Open Positions

Pacific Power Group offers a great place to advance your career and a chance to be a part of projects that help power our world. Join our community of team members that go home each day proud of their work.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Pacific Power Group has been made aware that there are a number of scams that take advantage of job seekers in a variety of ways. Depending on the scam, scammers look to collect confidential information to use for identity theft or to get money from job seekers during the recruitment process.

Pacific Power Group will never ask for money during the application, recruitment or on-boarding process. To learn more about the most common job scams, tips on how to avoid being scammed, and federal reporting procedures, please visit:

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5d83b115-48a8-42a0-b100-a9871879414fGenerator Technician - Journey Level (Remote)Ridgefield, WATechnicians & Craft Workers01/23/2020
d0621444-41c4-4441-acf6-070066550a5bAllison Technician - Journey LevelKent, WATechnicians & Craft Workers01/23/2020
4bac412e-f791-4825-a6d4-b01d6317418dTechnical Parts SpecialistKent, WASupport Workers01/22/2020
58c851c4-e14f-4dfe-8b30-bdade7ef717aTechnical Parts SpecialistNew Orleans, LASupport Workers01/22/2020
c58888e1-7085-4656-9509-e90938c287b1Parts SpecialistAuburn, WASupport Workers01/08/2020
45a7a885-7a6c-42f6-b088-8f9394973503Technical Project ManagerKent, WAFirst/Mid Level Managers01/02/2020
b97eaa2c-b63e-47b0-8252-d7509bacf6cdService EstimatorAuburn, WASupport Workers01/02/2020
b5c4eb3e-2930-40de-82b1-0a9afed6fee5Generator Technician - Journey LevelAuburn, WATechnicians & Craft Workers01/02/2020
1d351997-a141-4a65-a0f3-0f604020bad0Marine Engine Technician - Journey LevelKent, WATechnicians & Craft Workers01/02/2020
6e81f28d-f574-42df-af8d-a183d81e184cMarine Engine Technician - Journey LevelNew Orleans, LATechnicians & Craft Workers01/02/2020
dd51bf11-4aab-45b9-b097-9c37dc63f868Sales EngineerNew Orleans, LASales Professionals01/02/2020
9ca2bfa4-bec6-404b-aecb-3454506a19c6Technical Parts SpecialistSan Leandro, CASupport Workers01/02/2020
eedf6fec-c36c-4474-87f4-d49017aefab9Field Service SupervisorSan Leandro, CAFirst/Mid Level Managers01/02/2020
3c5b80b1-a796-4323-b6be-acbcd9c7b0ebMarine Engine Technician - Journey LevelSan Leandro, CATechnicians & Craft Workers01/02/2020
731783ad-53e2-4622-a2fe-2a1848d6d4d5Marine Engine Technician - Journey LevelSan Diego, CATechnicians & Craft Workers01/02/2020
6bc3ebd9-9292-4ea0-868c-ee26ec3df873Journey Level Marine Engine TechnicianSignal Hill, CATechnicians & Craft Workers01/02/2020
221f6b91-5410-4996-a8da-c62847d2e0fdJourney Level Chassis TechnicianAnchorage, AKTechnicians & Craft Workers01/02/2020
a43c9976-af0a-4114-8387-80ca42763d37Mid Level Engine TechnicianAnchorage, AKTechnicians & Craft Workers01/02/2020
6a2ca1ec-5c4b-46fd-ab7e-da862313d154Journeyman Level Generator Tech - RemoteKapolei, HITechnicians & Craft Workers01/02/2020
e4770cd6-6338-4293-a6f2-c824f1fd8e25Journeyman Level Generator TechKapolei, HITechnicians & Craft Workers01/02/2020
461584b2-7cf3-437e-a79a-f7dea4ca67f1Journey Level Generator Technician - RemoteMedford, ORTechnicians & Craft Workers01/02/2020
18667c2f-bb4a-4897-ac74-d05e30d8d383Parts ManagerRidgefield, WAFirst/Mid Level Managers01/02/2020
46179773-5fa3-4129-90ed-2fcb7b6954ffPower Generation Sales Manager – Hawaii and Pacific IslandsKapolei, HISales Professionals12/31/2019
bcb31063-af5b-47ae-9a5f-32541c40fa59Facilities LeadVancouver, WAAdministrative12/23/2019
f3b76d08-75ce-45dd-8e8e-4afb09a51700Technical Services ManagerVancouver, WAFirst/Mid Level Managers12/19/2019
89071f4a-9b22-48e7-a1f7-75a6f9577bc3Marine Engine Technician - Volvo PentaKent, WATechnicians & Craft Workers12/17/2019
a454c710-b490-4d85-8653-7a813697ab6dApprentice Marine TechKent, WATechnicians & Craft Workers11/01/2019