Open Positions

Open Positions

Pacific Power Group offers a great place to advance your career and a chance to be a part of projects that help power our world. Join our community of team members that go home each day proud of their work.

Pacific Power Group is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer that values diversity in our workplace. We welcome all applicants.

Please let us know if you need any accommodations in the application, interviewing, or selection process. You can call us at 360-887-7455 or email your request to

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4671273c-a0b7-4e76-a8c8-16fd09798ee4Marine Engine Field TechnicianKent, WATechnicians & Craft Workers12/01/2022
95e4478c-8390-4884-abe1-befe17b1cbc8Journey Level Marine Field TechnicianLong Beach, CATechnicians & Craft Workers11/22/2022
656678ad-4988-41c7-a565-f0a141509c8fRemote Journey Level Marine Engine TechnicianSeattle, WATechnicians & Craft Workers11/22/2022
f23fe747-9fad-4145-80a8-b3171928a70fJourney Level Marine Field TechnicianSan Leandro, CATechnicians & Craft Workers11/22/2022
6f41c3f1-162a-4de5-a2f8-2af9ac5f9b69Journey Level Marine Field TechnicianSan Diego, CATechnicians & Craft Workers11/22/2022
2c7ab15c-4028-43d8-a64c-e94b3ea07889Journey Level Marine Field TechnicianKent, WATechnicians & Craft Workers11/22/2022
c4b5fc7d-87b0-4a25-96f9-c47babf239d2Apprentice Generator TechnicianKapolei, HITechnicians & Craft Workers11/17/2022
9557f45a-70ac-42b8-bc42-6b2d6b18c26cTalent Acquisition SpecialistFort Lauderdale, FLAdministrative11/14/2022
62fe57ee-8f37-472c-9e61-87c4e8ec3239Sr Systems DeveloperVancouver, WABusiness Professionals11/10/2022
40d4541e-a294-494a-9e47-7057edeee794Service EstimatorAuburn, WASupport Workers11/10/2022
9bff6a6d-91e5-49d4-8203-a237f7c562e4Transmission TechnicianKent, WATechnicians & Craft Workers11/10/2022
0e3669e8-a102-4254-a319-9d9881fcb27aParts ManagerRidgefield, WAFirst/Mid Level Managers11/10/2022
df0318bc-4b27-4bfe-a316-7f0af47ed30dJourney Level Generator TechnicianRidgefield, WATechnicians & Craft Workers10/14/2022
0fa8283b-0885-44cf-a7cc-8a67a245dfceJourney Level Generator TechnicianHilo, HITechnicians & Craft Workers10/14/2022
0dc11bca-4868-4bac-9304-ecff3dc7c6a1Journey Level Generator TechnicianAuburn, WATechnicians & Craft Workers10/14/2022