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National Group Honors PPG Tech

Sam Mathias’ training and experience go a long way to explain why he’s often requested to tackle some of our more complicated power generation projects. But it’s Sam’s attention to detail and serving the customer that sets him apart.

It also honored Sam as a finalist for the Electrical Generating Systems Association’s Tech of the Year Award.

Jody Adsero, PPG’s Director of Service, told judges, “When something is critical, complicated or high profile, we all relax a little bit when we know Sam is on the job. Projects like the ones Sam tackles do not come without some long nights and a fair amount of stress, but Sam continues to bring them all to a successful outcome.”

Sam’s breadth of experience during his 12-year career with us is broad. He’s helped commission multiple generators for ferries in the Washington State Ferry System. He’s worked on a monopod oil platform in Alaska’s Cook Inlet. He was even on a job in Tununak, Alaska, that required an escort to and from the powerhouse because there was an active bear watch underway.

Congratulations Sam on being named a finalist. We all hope you’ll one day earn the Tech of the Year honor.