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Powering SAFE Boats for the Tunisian Navy

marine-defense-tunisian-navy - Pacific Power Group

In summer 2015, our marine division recently provided marine engines for two new SAFE Boats for the Tunisian Navy that will assist with search and rescue operations. Twin MTU 10V2000M94 diesel engines, related controls, monitoring systems and reduction gears supplied by our team for the new boats will help naval personnel reach faster speeds and conduct longer patrols during missions.

SAFE Boats International delivered the two SAFE 65-foot full cabin inboard boats in spring 2015 with the first boat arriving in Tunisia in April. These vessels will provide the Tunisian Navy with improved capabilities to conduct their search and rescue operations and extended offshore patrols.

PPG was the top choice to supply the engines and controls due to its expertise and experience with defense-related marine projects. The highly versatile boats feature twin MTU 1600 HP diesel engines, shock mitigating seating, climate control, navigation and MTU Blue Vision New Generation monitoring and controls.

The engines were selected due to having the highest power density available for their size and their proven success in harsh marine environments. Depending on payload, speed, and sea conditions, the boats’ range can be up to 400 nautical miles.

Both vessels will join a fleet of 20 SAFE Boats already in service with the Tunisian Navy. Two additional 65-foot SAFE Boats with MTU engines supplied by Pacific Power Group are planned for delivery in late 2015.