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Just How Important is Preventative Power System Maintenance?

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For facilities that have on-site power generators and power equipment, there are few facets of a generator management program that are more important than preventative maintenance. Pacific Power Group’s expert power system service team works closely with building engineers and facilities managers to develop preventative maintenance programs that keep critical backup and emergency generators, transfer switches, switchgear and related equipment in peak condition. Here are several reasons why preventative maintenance is vital to your power generation system and for your facility:

Outages Can be Costly and Life-Threatening

For certain types of mission critical facilities, power availability and greater uptime can have a large effect on your bottom line. Backup power for data centers, municipalities, utilities and other similar facilities is crucially important – downtime is often measured in seconds and even momentary power loss can affect revenue.

Power loss at a health care facility, including hospitals and health research centers, can have a much worse outcome. Power system downtime can put lives in danger. You need a maintenance partner who understands the maintenance required to comply with regulations for your legally-required system and can help ensure your system functions as intended during an outage. Generator systems need regular preventative maintenance service to operate at full power and provide that power at a moment’s notice. With regular service from Pacific Power Group’s expert service team, your generator system will be prepared for a power outage or other emergency.

Preventative Maintenance Increases the Life of Your Generator System

Preventative power system maintenance keeps your generator system and every component in good operating condition, ready for use when needed. Pacific Power Group’s generator service technicians familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of your generator system and can help identify and solve service issues before they occur or before they become a larger problem.

On-going maintenance of your generator system can add years to its life cycle and increase the value that your business receives from its investment. Without regular maintenance, major engine failures and other costly service issues become more likely. Those larger service issues are often associated with greater costs.

There’s an added benefit for emergency situations that may occur too – with service technicians already familiar with your power generation system and facility needs, any necessary emergency service during an outage or extreme weather can be completed much more rapidly. Service technicians will already be knowledgeable about the unique needs and setup of your onsite power generators.

A Good Maintenance Program Saves Time for Facilities Managers and Engineers

With preventative maintenance managed by a premier service provider such as PPG, facilities managers and building engineers can spend their time working on other important issues for the properties they manage.

Instead of manually tracking service on each component and every aspect of your power generation system, PPG has years of experience and innovative tools to manage service needs and reduce your time spent managing service programs.

With our PM Tracker software, we can schedule each part of your power generation system on an individual schedule and our team will schedule necessary service with you when needed. Our team has a hands-on approach to managing preventative maintenance and can help your facility become proactive about maintenance management, saving you significant time in the process.

With complete service solutions for generators of most major brands, Pacific Power Group can help start or enhance your generator service program. Want more information about preventive maintenance? Contact our team today.