Yachts Yachting is a passion of the sea and boats, and yachts are a world of their own: a unique combination of style, quality, comfort, safety, and speed. To enjoy your yacht to its fullest you need a partner for your propulsion or power generation solution that is equally passionate and committed to quality. Pacific Power Group offers world-class diesel engines and generators for yachts from mtu and Volvo Penta. Trusted by yacht builders on the West Coast, our expert staff can assist you in the selection of equipment that will not only deliver exceptional power, performance, and ease-of-use, but that is the best fit for your yacht.

Key Products

Pacific Power Group marine engines


mtu Marine Diesel and LNG Engines from 750-12,000 HP

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Volvo Penta Marine Diesel and Gas Engines and propulsion systems from 10-800 HP

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Pacific Power Group marine generator sets


Generator sets from 12-2000 kWe powered by Perkins Marine, John Deere, Volvo Penta, and mtu

Pacific Power Group marine switch gears

Controls / Gears

Controls and monitoring from basic to complex

Fully integrated systems from mtu and Volvo Penta

Pacific Power Group marine accessories


Silencers, Exhaust Flex, Resilient Mounts, Exhaust After-Treatment, Fuel Filtration, Keel Coolers, Heat Exchangers, Generator Controls and Switchgears, Torsional and flexible Couplings and composite shafts


Our quality yacht products lead the market with innovation and technology and will enhance your yachting experience. We offer engines from mtu, which power the majority of mega-yachts built across the world, and innovative IPS propulsion engines from Volvo Penta.


With vast knowledge in marine propulsion and generating systems and our meticulous attention to detail, we can ensure that the final system delivers the performance and reliability you require.


We provide comprehensive warranty programs, 24/7 service, and parts support. mtu and Volvo Penta also have an extensive global service network to support your needs on your local cruise or your adventure cruise to exotic and faraway destinations.