High Performance Sterndrive

The diesel aquamatic sterndrive from Volvo Penta is the world’s leading marine sterndrive product line. These engines are built for the performance demands of commercial marine use and deliver efficiency and safety in every application in which they’re used. When you need performance without sacrificing reliability, Volvo Penta’s sterndrive engines are the premier choice. This line is available from 140 – 400 hp.


Power and Performance

Power and Performance

A complete sterndrive system where all parts have been developed in parallel with each other, providing higher reliability and overall performance. The drives and propellers have been designed in concert to match engine torque and boat speed. This engineering gives you the most thrust from every drop of fuel.

Comprehensive Control

Comprehensive Control

The Volvo Penta sterndrive gives you the direct response. The common rail engines deliver massive torque from low revs for safe maneuvering and rapid acceleration onto the plane. The highly efficient drives turn power into performance with precise and direct steering.

Fuel Efficient

Fuel Efficient

Aquamatic Sterndrive with Duoprop propellers gives you high efficiency and reduces fuel consumption by up to 30% when compared to most inboard and outboard solutions. Volvo Penta sterndrives also provide low C02 emissions.

Better Water Grip

Better Water Grip

The counter-rotating propellers - the Duoprop - provide unrivaled performance, responsive handling and excellent grip in the water. All propellers are perfectly matched to a specific drive and application. Volvo Penta sterndrives provide safe driving and maneuvering even in rough sea conditions.

Comfort and Reliablity

Comfort and Reliability

By integrating a boat's engines and electronics into one platform, you'll be able to enjoy unique functions that will increase control, maneuvering and onboard comfort. The Aquamatic combines the benefits of both inboard as well as outboard systems, including reduced sound and vibrations, and freshwater cooling for longer service life.

Key Features & Options

Improved Performance With Electronic Vessel Control

*Requires factory-fitted electronic steering

The Volvo Penta Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) system provides a new level of simplicity with integrated buttons for activating and fine tuning several features. Single-lever mode, cruise control and low-speed mode are all easily accessible with the push of a button.

Electronic Vessel Control monitors and connects all electronic systems on board:

  • Individually steerable drives with twin counter-rotating propellers*
  • Engines connect to the drives through the stern and are electronically controlled from numerous helm stations
  • Helm station with throttle, displays, joystick, steering wheel
  • Additional helm station connectivity
  • Joystick for docking
  • Other EVC options available – contact us for additional options & specs

Intuitive Operator Interface Options

Glass Cockpit System Glass Cockpit System

The Glass Cockpit System collects and displays all operator information in one place via a single interface.

Volvo Penta Trip Computer Trip Computer

With the Trip Computer, the driver gets access to vital information via the Volvo Penta displays.

Penta Joystick Controls Controls & Joysticks

Volvo Penta controls and joysticks make driving and docking more efficient than ever.

Engine Monitoring Engine Monitoring Displays

The Volvo Penta Engine Monitoring Displays provide direct access to essential engine and transmission data.

Unmatched Manuvering Precision

Joystick Docking Joystick Docking Joystick Docking makes docking easier and safer.
Volvo Penta Single Lever Driving Single Lever Mode The Single Lever Mode lets you enjoy the benefit of multi-engine operation using only a single lever.
Joystick Driving Joystick Driving Joystick Driving offers an easy way to maneuver with precision using only one hand.
Volvo Penta Cruise Control Cruise Control The Cruise Control lets the operator fine-tune the cruising speed.
Volvo Penta Autopilot Autopilot The Volvo Penta Autopilot with Shadow Drive is a complete auto-steering solution and the perfect support to the boat driver.

Models & Specifications

Models Rated HP RPM Cylinders Displacement, l (in3)
D3-140/SX/DPS 140 4000 5 2.40 (146)
D3-170/SX/DPS 170 4000 5 2.40 (146)
D3-200/DPS 200 4000 5 2.40 (146)
D3-220/DPS 220 4000 5 2.40 (146)
D4-225/DPH 225 3500 4 3.70 (224)
D4-260/DPH 260 3500 4 3.70 (224)
D4-300/DPH 300 3500 4 3.70 (224)
D6-300/DPH 300 3500 6 5.50 (336)
D6-330/DPH 330 3500 6 5.50 (336)
D6-370/DPH 370 3500 6 5.50 (336)
D6-400/DPH 400 3500 6 5.50 (336)