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Pacific Power Group Powers Alaskan Air Force Station

Pacific Power Group Powers Alaskan Air Force Station

Pacific Power Group’s Solution Prepares Clear Air Force Station for Power Loss

Pacific Power Group, an industry-leading sales and service provider of innovative onsite power solutions, recently supplied Clear Air Force Station in Alaska with MTU Onsite Energy generators and related equipment to power the station in its active defense of the United States.

Rather than upgrade the out-of-date coal-fired power plant, Clear Air Force Station decided to connect to the Alaskan transmission network and add a grid-powered heat plant and backup power. Cost avoidance from modernization for the complete project will save the Air Force approximately $2.6 million in fiscal 2016 and $1.9 million each year after.

Pacific’s Power Generation division team developed a complete backup power solution that ensures the Air Force station’s power supply will be prepared during extreme Alaskan weather conditions. Pacific supplied an MTU Onsite Energy 1,250 kwe generator set that is packaged in an Artic-rated, insulated steel enclosure with subbase fuel tank. The generator set will deliver a maximum of 1,250kwe power. Pacific also supplied a switchgear to facilitate the station’s switch to regular utility power.

Pacific was selected for the project due to previous success working with the station and Pacific’s expertise with on-site power generation in Alaska’s extreme weather and remote conditions.

“In the event of an emergency or power outage, the power generation system our team supplied will keep Clear Air Force Station operating smoothly and allow our service men and women to continue their critical mission,” said Travis Coffey, Pacific Power Group Power Generation director. “The dependable MTU generator sets are vital to the functioning of the base.”

Delivery of the genset took place in summer 2015 and additional equipment was supplied over the next several months.

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