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Powering the Essentials: Backup power for the Lakewood Water District

Lakewood Water District - Pacific Power Group

When your job is supplying more than 120,000 people with clean water every day, a moment without reliable power can have dire consequences. At the Lakewood Water District water pump station, constant power is essential to ensure the steady, uninterrupted flow of water to the communities in their city. Seeking an uncompromising backup power solution, the Lakewood Water District (LWD) relied on the Pacific Power Group’s power generation team to provide a backup generator system.

In 2013 the LWD needed a backup power source to support the pump station in the event of a power outage or emergency and they partnered with PPG to ensure that the water keeps flowing throughout their 256-mile water main network. Knowing that reliability and uptime were of the utmost importance, PPG supplied the Lakewood pump station with an MTU Onsite Energy generator with an output of 100 kWe which supplies backup power to the station.

Beyond supplying a reliable generator to the station, PPG equipped the generator with a GE Zenith transfer switch and remote enunciator transfer switch which ensure the smooth transition to backup power at the pump station.

With these MTU backup generators, the community of Lakewood, Washington can rest easy knowing that their local pump station will always provide them with reliable, clean water.