Power Generation

mtu Kinetic PowerPack

mtu Kinetic PowerPacks provided by Pacific Power Group is our solution to a conditioned and uninterruptible power supply. The system design utilizes time-proven technologies: standby diesel engine, synchronous machine, kinetic energy accumulator, and electromagnetic clutch. This all-in-one package provides around-the-clock power protection and conditioning, serving as a UPS and a generator with automatic closed transitioned transfers during utility outages. The plug-and-play design allows for significant savings during installation, and the elimination of additional HVAC & fire protection systems, normally required for traditional static UPS systems, resulting in overall cost savings and additional space for revenue generation. mtu Kinetic PowerPacks have over 20 years of operating life with a single point of contact for maintenance through Pacific Power Group, your local Authorized mtu Distributor.

mtu Kinetic PowerPack anatomy

Benefits of an mtu Kinetic PowerPack over a traditional generator/UPS system:

Simplified system design and one-line diagram with low component count

Elimination of static UPS, batteries, ATSs, & capacitor banks

One-stop-shop: less coordination between different suppliers

Optimal sustainability: elimination of batteries, 20+ years of operating life

CAPEX investment including construction costs is up to 10% less than a traditional generator/UPS

10-year OPEX is up to 20% less than a traditional generator/UPS system

10-year maintenance requirements equal to a traditional genset, eliminating required UPS battery maintenance protocols and associated costs

Single point of contact for maintenance - Pacific Power Group is an authorized mtu distributor

Strong lead times to accommodate aggressive construction schedules

Advantages of an mtu Kinetic PowerPack over a traditional generator/static UPS system:

  • Single and dual output systems
  • Close transitioned transfer from utility to generator and back
  • Power factor correction
  • Flexible cooling packages and installation locations (indoor or outdoor)
  • Proven technology. First unit(s) were manufactured in 1989
  • 24/7 Power protection and power conditioning/synchronous condensing
  • Redundant and /or dual redundant starting
  • Modular and scalable solutions
  • HVO fuel ready without decreased performance (restrictions may apply)
  • Installed base of over 1400 units