Power Generation


Telecom PGen Your city offices, pump stations, data centers and other municipal facilities are critical to keeping your community in motion each day. The standby and backup generators that keep your facilities operating are crucial in case of emergency or during a power loss. Pacific Power Group is your partner for mtu Solutions generators, generator preventative maintenance, and emergency service that power your city. We offer generators for municipal facilities that are proven with factory- and protype-tested design, state-of-the-art generator controllers, and that are fully programmable with load shed and sequencing. Our mtu gensets are built to ISO 8528-5 standards for transient response and low harmonics for sensitive loads, and come UL2200 listed and IBC on skid and enclosure sets.

mtu power generation

Complete Product Lineup

mtu Solutions offers generators from 30 kWe to 2350 kWe in single sets with paralleling capability, a complete range of accessories, and local product support.  

mtu service

Years of Experience

We have more than 60 years of experience providing and servicing generator systems, and our knowledgeable staff can find & service the right system for your facility.

mtu repair

Single Point of Contact

From specifying, sales, shipping all the way through commissioning of the project initially and with maintenance in the years after installation, Pacific Power Group offers a single point of contact for all your power needs

Key Products

MTU Generators

mtu Onsite Energy

mtu Onsite Energy (a brand of Rolls Royce Power Systems AG) offers backup and standby/black start power generation systems that are world-renowned for their reliability. They offer superior time before overhaul (TBO) and about 99% of mtu engines will reach or surpass target operational hours. With manufacturing operations in the US and globally, and an integrated distribution and service network, your power needs are covered with MTU Onsite Energy.

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Switchgear and ATS

Switchgear and ATS

Pacific offers industry-leading switchgear from ASCO, RUSSELECTRIC, and Thomson Technology that help prime power generator systems operate more effectively. We also offer automatic transfer switches that keep your business operating automatically in the event of a power failure.

Power Generation Accessories


The demands on today’s utility, prime and black start power systems can mean that gensets need accessories in order to completely meet power needs. Pacific Power Group offers fuel systems, cooling packages, emission reduction and mitigation equipment, custom enclosures, load bans, controls and more.

MTU (DRUPS) power pack

mtu Kinetic Powerpack

MTU Kinetic PowerPacks provided by Pacific Power Group is our solution to a conditioned and uninterruptible power supply. The system design utilizes time-proven technologies: standby diesel engine, synchronous machine, kinetic energy accumulator, and electromagnetic clutch. Learn More