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Iconic Macy’s Building Challenged Power Generation Team

Macy’s department store in downtown Seattle occupies a prominent corner in the city’s bustling landscape. This iconic and historic building has undergone dramatic changes in the past few years as the retail footprint has shrunk and Amazon has taken up residence in the top six floors in the eight-story building. The transformation […]

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National Group Honors PPG Tech

Sam Mathias’ training and experience go a long way to explain why he’s often requested to tackle some of our more complicated power generation projects. But it’s Sam’s attention to detail and serving the customer that sets him apart. It also honored Sam as a finalist for the Electrical Generating Systems Association’s […]

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Dispelling Generator Misconceptions

Generators, despite what some might think, are not plug and play. It’s true that most manufacturers follow international rating standards as it pertains to a generator’s performance parameters. Small variations by manufacturers, however, can cause confusion and ultimately an underperforming generator. These three areas need to be carefully understood as you consider […]

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Rural Hutterite Community Relies on Backup Power from MTU

In a remote area, power issues are critical. Often, weather or aging systems cause outages, in which case, having reliable backup power can be key to reducing loss and maintaining productivity. One of the verticals in which Pacific Power Group has extensively worked is rural communities and infrastructure, and this case study […]

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Here’s What It Takes to Keep Remote Cell Towers Running

Have you ever experienced a power outage during a storm or other emergency, and turned on your cell phone to find that you still have service? That’s because most major cell service providers use backup power generators on their towers – to ensure that you don’t lose connectivity, especially during emergencies when […]

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Case Study: Affordable Full 2N Data Center Redundancy

An energy-efficient data center has achieved 2N redundancy, or twice the number of backup generators for a given load, using novel energy-saving techniques and emergency standby generator sets from MTU Onsite Energy. Using a unique energy-saving cooling system, Vantage Data Centers was able to reduce the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of their […]

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