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Act Now to Safeguard Your Vintage: A Call to Vineyards and Wineries in Oregon and Washington!

Public Safety Power Shutoffs - Vineyards and Wineries

Oregon and Washington states boast thriving wine industries, producing renowned wines cherished by connoisseurs worldwide. However, the region is not immune to natural disasters and extreme weather events that can lead to Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS). These power shutoffs, implemented by electric utility companies to prevent wildfires and ensure…

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Generator Misconceptions

mtu Generator

Generators, despite what some think, are not plug-and-play. It’s true that most manufacturers follow international rating standards for generator performance parameters. Small variations by manufacturers, however, can cause confusion and an underperforming generator. As you’re considering your next generator, understand these three areas. Gross Power Output versus Net Power Output:…

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How a Microgrid Could Meet Your Power Needs

The use of microgrids have been commonplace in remote locations where connection to a central power grid is either impossible or cost prohibitive. But with the emergence of new technologies, a growing number of municipalities, communities and companies are turning to microgrids as either a supplement or alternative to receiving…

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Power Gen Team Builds Gensets for Alaska Villages

Two remote villages in Alaska are anxiously awaiting the arrival of several generator sets that are set to be delivered at the end of summer. The systems will be the sole source of power for each of these hamlets. Production of the gensets is underway at our facility in Ridgefield,…

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Fire Station Relies on MTU to Keep Critical Power On

The crew at Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue’s Station 51 in downtown Tigard, Oregon, is one of the busiest in the fire district. Not only do they respond to vehicle accidents, medical calls and fires, but its specialty units handle calls throughout the district’s 210 square miles of suburban communities…

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